The founder of Knife & Flag is a seasoned tattoo artist, and through the years he spent honing and perfecting his skills and tools, the one thing always missing was the right apron. One that didn’t impede him from his canvas, that stayed on his legs and protected his clothing so he wouldn’t have to wear junk clothes to the shop each day – and one that didn’t just look like junk. Knife & Flag was born with the idea that protective wear shouldn’t be solely about function...nor have the typical look of mundane industrial clothing.




There was a need going unmet. As he talked to fellow tradesmen - chefs, mixologists & tattoo artists - he saw how great the need was. Knife & Flag was born.




















After five generations of design, trial and error, mistakes and breakthroughs, a collection of aprons was born. Handcrafted with high-quality materials, each apron delivers protection married with style.