Being A BARBER is very much like being a BaRTENDER. IT'S a SIMILAR JOB because of the MULTITASKING, EACH MOVEMENT WITH A PURPOSE, AND IN THE END MAKING THE CONSUMER FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEIR selves. union barbershop has been very luck to have partnered with knife & flag to open an amazing shop in saint louis.

UNION IS MADE UP OF AN EDUCATED PERSONABLE BARBER TEAM THAT CAN HANDLE EVERY HAIRCUT AND EVERY HAIR TEXTURE. EVERY BARBER is PERSONALLY educated at Union Barbershop. This EDUCATING never stops and HAPPENS EVERYDAY! this education goes beyond each employee to the owner as well. this is what you will witness when it comes to good barbers and good barber shops. the thing that makes barbering so fun and interesting is that no barber will ever be perfect at everything and that keeps all barbers on their toes. The barber aprons and now barber capes are the perfect tools for all of the barbers at union and all other shops around the country.

Knux The Barber | Barber Aprons | Knife & FLag Aprons.png


All barber aprons are made to be durable and water resistant making them easy to clean. The durability also means your apron is going to last for many years and not just a few months. You won't need a new apron every few months.

As a barber you know that if you don't have something to cover your clothes you will go home with hair all over you. Hair product stained into your clothes and you will most likely be wet from all of the water you use throughout the day. The solution to not wearing nice things to work is the Knife & Flag apron as it protects you and your clothes. The water resistant aprons allow barbers to remain clean and dry both at the same time.


Knife & Flag Black Porous Modle image.png


Since stains aren't the only problem when cutting hair, you're likely to get hair stuck in your clothes, pockets and who knows where else. The slick finish of the non-porous apron allows the hair to just slide right off you and onto the floor.

In a salon or barbershop you might be on your feet the entire day so all day comfort is also important.  All Knife & Flag aprons are adjustable and feature heavy duty hardware. Other aprons may have straps that you have to tie which loosens over time or cheaper hardware that breaks. Our aprons have carefully design pockets on the with zippers help keep important stuff in and everything else out. For our hairstylist fans we are working on more aprons for women.