"As a cosmetologist, your day can be full of working with different chemicals, cutting hair, doing makeup, as well as manicures and pedicures. Finding an apron that can keep up is difficult or for some, you might not currently even wear an apron. Maybe you have switched to wearing all dark colored clothes because it is easier to hide that they had been stained with color.  With the non-porous Knife & Flag aprons, you can finally bring some color back into your wardrobe. Other aprons can get stained or worn down easily from washing but with the non-porous material, all you have to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth and you’re good to go.  No more color stained or bleached clothes."

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All Knife & Flag aprons are made to be durable and waterproof making them easy to clean as well as stand up to any stains from powders, oils, colors and more. They are also easy to clean because of the non-porous material.

If your a colorist and use hair coloring products frequently, you know things can get all over you and your outfit. For manicure and pedicure technicians getting splashed with water, acetone and nail polish on you is a daily event. If getting your clothes soaked or sugar scrub ground into them isn’t your thing, our non-porous apron is your best bet. 


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Stains aren’t always the only problem. When cutting hair, you're likely to get hair stuck in your clothes, pockets and who knows where else. The slick finish of the non-porous apron allows the hair to just slide right off you and onto the floor.

In a salon or barbershop you might be on your feet the entire day so all day comfort is also important.  All Knife & Flag aprons are adjustable and feature heavy duty hardware. Other aprons may have straps that you have to tie which loosens over time or cheaper hardware that breaks. Our aprons have carefully design pockets on the with zippers help keep important stuff in and everything else out. For our hairstylist fans we are working on more aprons for women.